Evidence in Fiduciary Litigation

Daniel McGowan is a trial lawyer with a focus on fiduciary liability and probate litigation.  He can be reached for a free consultation by clicking here.  Institutional and individual trustees alike are routinely measured by reference to what a prudent or reasonable person would do under similar circumstances. Ohio probate lawyers often look for evidence […]

Ohio Probate Law-Inheritance Dispute Evidence

Daniel McGowan is an Ohio and Florida Probate Lawyer who handles complicated inheritance disputes in Florida and Ohio.   He can be contacted for a free consultation – click here. Many scholars, probate lawyers, and practitioners familiar with Ohio probate courts and the Florida probate process involving inheritance lawsuits have written extensively about proving (or disproving) […]

Can I Appeal a Probate Decision? Is Probate Final? Is Probate Appealable?

Appealing a probate ruling is no easy undertaking and requires special care, attention, and a firm command of the governing rules and decisional case law. One of the first things examined by an appellate attorney is whether the order from which an appeal is sought is a final order. The question is uniquely challenging when […]

Ohio Probate Law: Is Virtual Adoption Recognized?

Virtual adoption is a doctrine developed by probate courts to cover certain situations where, for a variety of reasons, the formal probate process hasn’t been accomplished resultingin a legal adoption.  A common example of the application of the doctrine is where foster children are granted inheritance rights from their foster parents without having been legally […]