Choosing a Probate Lawyer



Are you involved in the probate process? Has your father, mother or uncle just passed away? What type of lawyer should you hire? When do you need a probate litigator? How do you choose the right probate litigator for a will contest? Picking the right lawyer is obviously a very important task. You want the best of the best so that you are satisfied with the results. Furthermore, you need someone you can trust.

Choosing an Ohio Probate Lawyer

  • There are many great probate litigators and attorneys in Ohio.
  • Probate litigator can help you to get through the probate process in Ohio, in a timely way, and can advise you not only on your inheritance rights, but your fiduciary duties.
  • You should be willing and ready to communicate with the probate lawyer you choose and they should keep you informed.
  • Although many lawyers are very trustworthy, we do occasionally hear about a few unethical ones.
  • Check out the article below regarding an attorney who stole from his client.


Attorney Steals Money From Former Judge’s Estate

  • Here, a New York attorney was “sentenced to contempt for not complying with a court order requiring him to account for $2.28 million received from the sale of a deceased former judge’s real estate in 2012.”
  • The deceased former judge, when he died, was an 83 year old man with Alzheimer’s.
  • His family has not received their share of his estate.
  • The article also mentions that this same man had been previously robbed by another attorney who was his guardian.
  • What if your parents were robbed by their guardians?
  • How do you know how to choose the right people to handle your Ohio estate and probate matters?
  • Could this happen to you?

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