Taxi Driver Discovers a Persons’ Inheritance in the back seat of his cab



Selecting the right people to handle your Ohio probate matters is very important. Trust and estate administration can be time consuming and require hard work. In addition, giving someone access to your Ohio assets is serious. If the wrong person gains control over your money and property, your estate could quickly be diminished. Therefore, you need to choose someone who is, at the very least, trustworthy. Check out this news report about a cab driver who finds someone’s entire inheritance in the back seat of his tax.

Who Should I Choose to Handle My Ohio Estate?

  • When considering who will be the best person to serve as the trustee or personal representative of your estate, you need to consider who would do the best job at carrying out the required tasks, and in your best interest.
  • Sometimes, the person you like most isn’t necessarily the best person for the job.
  • For example, some of the duties of a trustee include inventorying assets and debts, managing investments, deciding when and how to sell real estate, notifying heirs, and keeping all beneficiaries informed.
  • Sometimes, Ohio trust administrations can go wrong, and arguments over inheritances can arise.
  • This is especially prone to happen when the trustee does not act fairly.
  • You may need a probate litigator to assist you.
  • Occasionally, horrific situations involving theft can even happen.
  • Therefore, it is important to choose your trustee or personal representative wisely.
  • Who can you really trust?

Taxi Driver Finds a Man’s Entire Inheritance in the Back Seat of his Cab

  • News reports recently surfaced about a cab driver who found a man’s $187,000 inheritance in the back seat of his cab.
  • What did he do with the money?
  • He turned it into the police!
  • The man who it belonged to was homeless and had just received his inheritance.
  • According to the report, he had a receipt to prove that the money was his so the police returned it to him.
  • You would imagine that this man would have been extremely grateful that the cab driver was so honest.
  • Let’s be real, in today’s world, not many people would return such a large pile of cash.
  • What did the owner of the money do to thank the cab driver?
  • He gave him $100.

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